Implementing Role Play to Improve the English Speaking Skill of the Tenth Year Students of SMK Islam 2 Wlingi

Role Play to Improve the English Speaking Skill

  • Miftahurohmah
Keywords: Role Play, English Speaking Skill


English Language consists of four basic skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Speaking skill is still difficult and complicated for the students. Some problems are: (1) The students low motivation (2) Low ability in learning English. This research is designed to improve the students speaking skill in English through Role play technique. The research was conducted by using Classroom Action Research that was done from 3 Oct to 20 Oct of 2016 at SMK Islam 2 Wlingi. The subject of this research was X Teknik Sepeda Motor class of 2016 – 2017 academic year. This class related 18 students. These researches consist of 2 cycles. The cycle 1 related topic Degrees of comparison. The second cycle topic is preference. The finding of preliminary study was that from 18 students and all students got bad score. When the researcher had implemented role-play technique, it can be seen that in the first cycle the speaking skill of 6 students or 33% who had good and 12 students got fair or 67%.  In the next cycle there was any significant improvement in the students’ score that is 14 or 77% students was good and 4 or 23% was poor. The research shows that the implementation of Role- lay technique in the teaching learning of speaking is effective in improving the students speaking skill. Moreover, students were active in the class using Role play technique in terms of sharing ideas. Beside that Role play can build confidence for the students.